Our First Month

We are so incredibly happy with the turn out at our most recent events. I wanted to take the time to reflect on the volunteers and activists who have so graciously dedicated their time to helping battered women!

Some of our friends at Texas State University in San Marcos hosted an items/clothing drive at their dorm. They were able to donate three boxes of clothing as well as a box of toiletries, all of which have been given to local shelters! From just a group of friends hosting a small scale drive, they were able to give back to their community and ultimately make a difference. 

The turnout for the Texas State items drive! Thank you, Maddy Cikota and friends!

The turnout for the Texas State items drive! Thank you, Maddy Cikota and friends!

We also were contacted by Casen McMahan, a GHS graduate and current UNT student. He felt compelled to host his own items drive at UNT and the results were fantastic!

At our official items drive at Market Street over spring break, I was joined by several GHS Young Feminists to sit outside Market Street and talk with customers about our organization. Their eager-to-serve attitude and punctuality made the difference for our drive. We were approached by countless people who were curious about who we are and they were all met with the smiling faces of the Grapevine High School Young Feminists. 

photo (8).jpeg

At our first fundraiser, we had the delight of working with Larry McCain of Wise Guys Pizzeria. Wise Guys was an incredible host to our fundraiser and we can't thank those who dined with us enough!

As always, thank you for the continued support of our organization. We look forward for the many months to come!



Jenny Foster

President and Founder of the Battered and Beautiful Organization